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Sustainability is about respecting the human nature and the planet we live in we must try the best we can for our children of tomorrow here is one very important question: What kind of planet we wish to bequeath to the next generation? Therefore we try to reduce our ecological footprint as well as contribute voluntarily to the local society’s needs. Fundamental target of the reconstruction was the precise restoration of the external form and the selective and indispensable intervention inside. The Architects preserved as much as possible the characteristics of the traditional building complex, which is an asset for the village of Finikia. The vernacular architecture in the settlements of the Cyclades are known for a very wise, full and ripe studied bioclimatic methodology that addresses the local microclimate.

The Fava Eco Suites location is at the highest point of Finikia Village in Santorini.
Fava Eco Suites Sustainability.

Natural lighting and ventilation

Therefore, what the engineer intuitively is called to do, is to follow the same basic principles such as the great thermal inertia materials like stone, aspa and forged cement provide, the reflective white elevations, the small apertures, the selective shading, the local “parathyres” for natural lighting and ventilation and rainwater harvesting in underground tanks or “sternes”.

The main aspects of our sustainability strategy are:

  • Smoking is prohibited in all internal areas
  • Use only of local and low embodied energy materials during the reconstruction
  • External paint coatings with high solar reflectance and minimum absorptance
  • Low-e double glazing in most houses windows
  • Use of discreet solar panels for hot water supply
  • Ceiling and wall fans for thermal comfort zone extension
  • Ground pipe heat exchangers installation
  • Re-use of the tranditional “parathyres” skylight apertures for natural lighting and stack ventilation
  • Air-conditioning of high COP and EER efficiency
  • Housekeeping uses non-toxic cleaning agents and laundry detergents
  • Installation of Energy-efficient LED and CFL lighting
  • The breakfast consists of organic and local-grown food
  • Promoting local culture and eco-tourism activities

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The logo of Fava Eco Suites, the luxury suites accommodation in Finikia.
The logo of Fava Eco Suites, the luxury suites accommodation in Finikia.